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Women's Health

Services Include:

A Balanced Approach to GYN and Women’s Health Care

The annual pap and pelvic does not need to be boring, painful, or embarrassing. Dr. Kate:

  • Is sensitive to women’s concerns and treats them with great respect.

  • Has the equipment to allow women to watch their exam on the monitor.

  • Regularly evaluates the vaginal ecology, and assesses hormone status by a variety of methods.

  • Works with the most reliable Pap labs that use state of the art technology.

  • Performs comprehensive breast exams.

  • Addresses contraceptive needs and sexual concerns comfortably.

  • Likes to teach patients about their bodies and their health throughout the exam.

Other concerns: PMS, bleeding irregularities, abnormal pap smears, pelvic pain, vaginitis, etc. are evaluated by a variety of methods including colposcopy, endometrial biopsy, saliva or blood hormone testing, microscopy and culture. Dr. Kate uses this information to develop a plan to treat specific concerns. This plan may include dietary refinements, herbs, bio-identical hormones, supplements or medications.

Individualized Menopause Assessments

During this major transition women can experience physical and emotional symptoms. Some will experience life crises, others will have spiritual revelations, and still others will reflect on their life’s purpose. It’s a major adjustment and many women will seek guidance.

  • Taking the time to discuss the unique way that each woman is handling this transition is a priority.

  • We may discuss emotional issues including various new and novel therapies that would be useful.

  • We use functional medicine and genomics to determine a woman’s specific risks of:

    • Cardiovascular disease

    • Osteoporosis

    • Breast cancer

    including how these risks may be influenced by estrogen therapy. These evaluations help us design a risk reduction program unique for each woman.

  • We can provide bio-identical hormone therapy for women if indicated. These hormones are the same molecules of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, etc that a woman's body has made in her pre-menopausal life. For that reason, they seem to be better tolerated. They are compounded by a compounding pharmacy and so can be made in a dose individualized for each woman’s needs.

  • We provide innovative stress reduction techniques.

  • We provide body composition/weight loss programs.

Comprehensive Treatment for Recurrent Vulvovaginitis

Unfortunately, some women are plagued by vagintis symptoms that, despite the usual therapy, are persistent or recur frequently. Dr. Kate has extensive training in this condition. She can:

  • Evaluate the ecology of the vaginal flora to give a more precise description of what is causing the symptoms

  • Evaluate the gut environment as this is typically the reservoir for altered vaginal ecology

  • Design a comprehensive treatment protocol with natural or pharmaceutical products that is specific to the alterations found on testing.

Sensitive Adolescent Health Care

Dr. Kate has extensive experience working with adolescent and young adult women. She has worked in reproductive health care clinics and has been a long term faculty member with the Human Sexuality Program at UMDNJ – Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. Dr Kate can help young women:

  • Meet their contraceptive needs appropriately

  • Answer questions about sexuality and protection from sexually transmitted infections

  • Test for sexually transmitted infections

  • Have a caring and gentle first pelvic exam

  • Be a positive role model and trusted confidant for health concerns