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Services Include:

Functional Medicine Testing (

Functional medicine is a new approach to medicine that focuses on the individual. In other words, we focus on the "woman" with the condition as opposed to the "condition" the woman has. We look to the underlying mechanisms and factors that lead to disease. These factors may include:

Nutritional imbalances – getting too much or not enough nutrients from your current diet. This includes the proper ratio of macro-nutrients (protein, carbohydrate and fats) as well as sufficient amounts of micro-nutrients (vitamins, minerals, specific amino acids, phytochemicals…)

Intestinal dysfunction – such as poor digestive enzyme function, inability to absorb nutrients from the gut into the blood, not enough "helpful" bacteria in the gut, presence of abnormal organisms (bacteria, yeasts, parasites) in the gut, and food allergies causing gut inflammation. These imbalances can cause a wide variety of symptoms.

Impaired detoxification – detoxification allows excess molecules to be eliminated from the body. The process is complex and somewhat unique to each person. Our toxic environment and reliance on medications can strain an individual's ability to remove toxins, hormones, drugs, etc efficiently.

Oxidative stress – the result of free radicals in the body. Free radicals are very reactive molecules that cause damage to cells. There are many causes of oxidative stress including improper detoxification, exposure to environmental toxins, psychological stress, and poor dietary choices.

Endocrine imbalances – hormones that travel throughout the body have far reaching effects. Evaluating many different hormone levels and their precursors together can often give clues to the underlying cause of the symptoms.

Immune stressors – chemical messengers that increase or decrease the body's ability to defend against allergens, viruses, bacteria and cancers need to respond appropriately. Stressors on this system include psychological stress, poor nutrition, genetic susceptibility, and inflammation.

Functional medicine testing:

  • Allows for identification of early risk factors for disease.

  • Allows for a better understanding of what may be causing a person’s symptoms.

  • Assists in creating an individualized therapeutic plan to restore, repair and rebuild imbalances.

  • Assists in improving and optimizing health at the psychological, biochemical and structural levels.


Genomics Testing

Our genes are instructions that tell the cells of the body what to do. Scientists used to believe that genes are unchangeable. However, we now know that the behavior of our genes is greatly influenced by our diet, lifestyle and other environmental factors. Many of the genes giving instructions that put us at increased risk of disease can be altered by the way we live our lives. A simple blood test can give you information about your specific health risks such as:

  • The extent that dietary fat influences your cholesterol – this will help you decide if you can be on the South Beach type diet or would fare better on an Ornish or Pritikin style diet.

  • If salt is a major influence on your blood pressure.

  • What type of blood pressure medication is best for you.

  • What dose and type of calcium supplement is best for you.

  • If you need a lower dose of specific medications because your liver clears them more slowly.

  • If certain environmental exposures specifically influence your risk of breast cancer.


Nutritional and Herbal Therapies

Nutrition and exercise are the foundation to good health. We can:

  • Provide you with solid nutritional information, design an eating plan for you, and give you suggestions on how to eat healthy in our fast paced society.

  • Recommend or guide your exercise plans.

  • Measure your body composition to determine the health of your cells and the amount of water, fat or muscle you are losing or gaining with a particular lifestyle over time.

  • recommend specific supplements to ensure adequate micronutrient intake where appropriate

  • Provide you with herbal formulas when appropriate to add health benefit or to treat health conditions


Stress Reduction

Who is not experiencing stress in this fast paced 21st century American culture? Dr. Kate sees the effects it has on the patients she sees: emotional imbalance, job dissatisfaction, more "dis-ease" and less happiness. Our program for stress reduction can:

  • Have you visualize your stress-ful and stress-free state.

  • Evaluate specific physiologic markers indicating whether you show early signs of the deleterious health effects of chronic stress.

  • Show you how to interrupt your stress responses, and give you the tools to practice this method.

  • Help you transfer the stress reduction techniques to situations that provide emotional challenges.


Body Composition/Weight Management

Altered body composition (increased fat deposition and/or muscle loss) is becoming a major risk factor for chronic disease. Heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis, alzheimer's disease, and others are greatly increased in the presence of inflammation and insulin resistance brought on by altered body composition. We are committed to assisting our patients to achieve more muscle mass and less body fat through an individualized plan of nutrition and exercise. To this end, we:

  • Measure body composition using bioimpedance – this measures the health of your cells, and the various percentages of water, fat and muscle.

  • Design an eating plan that is specific to your caloric needs, balances protein/ carbohydrates/and fats, is high in fiber and dense in nutrients, and avoids insulin swings.

  • Design an exercise program that is specific to your caloric and fitness needs.

  • Can help you stay on the program with check-ins as frequently as needed.

  • Provide periodic reassessment of body composition to evaluate for fat loss and to avoid water or muscle loss.