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Effective January 1, 2016

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Did Dr. Kate change your life?  Would you like to say thanks?  Help Dr. Kate out by writing a testimonial of your experience and how she was able to address your health concerns. For example, you can start with the symptoms you were having, a brief description of what was discovered about your health issues, your treatment and how that treatment impacted you and helped you to feel better.

Your testimonial may appear on our website, in our newsletter or on other printed and marketing materials.  Your initials will be used to preserve annonymity.  We would love the opportunity to share your story and help spread the word about the powerful healing work that Dr. Thomsen does!

Please Note: this is not a contact form.  If you have any questions please check out the "Welcome Center for New Patients" or call our office phone at 609-818-9700.


"I came to Dr. Thomsen to address some hormonal issues that were seriously impacting my ability to live my life. She taught me about the challenges of perimenopause and put me on bio-identical hormones. I have to say, I feel GREAT!! Dr. Thomsen really changed my life."

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