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Lifestyle Medicine
"Bring Out The Healthiest You!"

With more and more research pointing to lifestyle medicine as the new First Line of Therapy (FLT) for most chronic disease and prevention, we are proud to have been offering this program to our patients for the last 6 years. In March 2011, our office was taken over by a consultant and training program to update our FLT program with the latest scientific research on the delivery of personalized lifestyle medicine. 

A medically supervised program prescribed by Dr. Thomsen, the therapy is based on the latest research showing that our lifestyle choices have a significant impact on our body composition, our sense of well-being and our ability to control inflammation - the cause of most chronic diseases in the 21st century. This program covers the following aspects of healthy living:

  • Understanding the Importance of Body Composition
  • Good Nutrition
  • Stress Management
  • Basic Exercise
  • Supplementation for Better Health
  • Managing Inflammation

FLT involves 7 sessions with a lifestyle coach over a 12-week period. Each visit includes a body composition analysis using bio-impedance technology. A medical food is prescribed by Dr. Thomsen specific to your goals and health needs. At the end of the 12 weeks, you will have formed new habits for making healthy choices that help prevent disease and optimize your wellness. You will note improvements in your body composition and bio-markers for health.

Warning: side effects of correctly administered lifestyle medicine include: more energy, more strength, better sleep quality, less pain, more mobility, better mood and overall sense of vitality.
Gaining control over your health is also empowering!!!

Call 609-818-9700 opt. 4 for more information or download some additional materials below: