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Group Programs

We offer a unique set of results-oriented group programs designed by Dr. Kate Thomsen to help educate people on a number of health topics and decrease their risks for developing chronic illnessess.  All programs feature alternative and lifestyle-based therapies to help empower participants to take control of their own health!  Browse our current program offerings below:



Detoxification - The What, Why and How

This is one of our most popular programs.  We've had excellent success educating people on the risks of toxic exposures and what they can to do protect themselves and cleanse their bodies.  Highlights of this program include:

  • Group educational sessions on detoxification: what it is, why we need it and how to accomplish it
  • Medically supervised supplement program tailored to individual metabolic needs
  • Body-Composition Monitored using Bio-Impedance Analysis
  • Low-Allergy-Potential, Healthy-Foods meals served at each session

Structure: 4 Sessions (2.5 Hours Each) over a 6 Week Period

Cost: $400 (cost of supplements not included)

Here's what people are saying about our Detoxificaton program:

"I am so grateful for all the knowledgable help I've received from Doctor Kate. She is a treasure to me. Her staff is great and supportive too. Thank You!"

-- I.K.

"I love the detox program. It is my second time and I learned new info [and] am inspired anew to eat healthy."

-- P.A.


Better Bones - Naturally Reduce Your Rate of Bone Loss

This program is designed to help you reduce your rate of bone loss without the use of drugs. Highlights of the program include:

  • Medical analysis of pre & post testing
  • Group educational sessions on osteoporosis & prevention
  • Learn and implement alternative, lifestyle-based treatments
  • Learn how to avoid an acid-rich diet by monitoring uring pH
  • Healthy Alkaline-forming meals served at each session

Structure: 4 Sessions (2.5 Hours Each) over a 3 Month Period

Cost: $400 (additional testing/supplements not included)

Group Forum Discussion: Participant Access Only



Breast Cancer Prevention - How Your Body Handles Estrogen and How It Can Be Modified

As a breast cancer survivor, Dr. Thomsen has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience on how to decrease exposure and increase protection. Learn what you can do to reduce your risk of getting breast cancer or getting a recurrence. This program is based on:

  • A holistic approach including mind, body, spirit
  • Individualized assessments (blood tests or urine tests done before the class)

Program highlights include:

  • Healthy and delicious meals served with anti-cancer properties with recipes
  • Group explanation of lab results which you learn to interpret
  • Presentations by Dr Kate Thomsen on:
    • Estrogen metabolism and its association with breast cancer
    • Environmental toxins and how you can avoid them
    • The mind body connection and cancer risk

Structure: 2 Sessions (2.5 Hours Each) over a 4 Week Period

Cost: $250 (does not include the cost of testing/supplements)



Cardiovascular Health - Personalize Your Risk and Treat it Naturally

Program highlights include:

  • Heart-healthy meals served with recipies
  • Individualized risk asessment and group interpretation
  • Body composition monitored using bio-impedance analysis
  • Group educational sessions on:
    • Emerging concepts in cardiovascular disease
    • Nutrition and exercise to reduce cardiovascular risk
    • Stress Reduction and Cardiovascular Risk
  • Bonus/Optional session on understanding your genetic risks based on genomics testing

Structure: 4 - 5 Sessions (2.5 Hours Each) over a 5 Week Period

Cost: $400-$500 (does not include cost of supplements/testing)