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Dr. Thomsen has written several articles and editorials regarding preventative medicine and holistic health practices.  Many of these articles have been published in the Mercer County Women Newspaper and are also available for download below.
These articles require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.  If you do not have the ability to view Adobe PDF files, click the image below for a free download:

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 TitleSize Created Date
The CBD Phenomenon: So Much Potential947.83 KBDownload6/4/2017
What About Water?916.14 KBDownload6/4/2017
Mold - Ubiquitous and Insidious816.16 KBDownload6/4/2017
Improving Circulation - Fundamental to Your Health875.83 KBDownload6/4/2017
Food Allergies: A Potential Toxin on Your Table854.49 KBDownload6/4/2017
Creating Happiness892.85 KBDownload6/4/2017
Minerals Why you need the Salts of the Earth775.64 KBDownload7/6/2016
Mold Ubiquitous and Insidious816.16 KBDownload7/6/2016
BioFilms May Be Why You Are Not Getting Well795.70 KBDownload7/6/2016
Is Your Micronutrient Status Adequate?486.46 KBDownload11/5/2015
Your Intestinal Bacteria and Your Immune System578.26 KBDownload11/5/2015
Celiac Disease - The Link Between Autoimmune Disease and Leaky Gut444.09 KBDownload11/5/2015
Stress- The Elephant in the Room522.74 KBDownload11/5/2015
Leave it to Italians660.43 KBDownload10/12/2015
Hypothyroid Conditions - Common & Overlooked (Part 2)324.55 KBDownload12/1/2014
What Causes Hypothyroid Conditions? (Part 1)653.57 KBDownload12/1/2014
Is it the Wheat or is it the Process?404.48 KBDownload11/3/2014
AntiMicrobial Resistance: A Call to Think More Holistically356.11 KBDownload8/25/2014
Food Fight: Population Recommendations and Individual Observations257.18 KBDownload4/25/2014
Dietary Amino Acids Improve Health And Longevity282.24 KBDownload4/25/2014
Mind Your Mitochondria, Your Mega Energy Generators272.27 KBDownload10/24/2013
Methylation Dysfunction - A Potential Roadblock to Health (with Detours)100.61 KBDownload10/24/2013
GMO Spelled Backwards is "OMG!!!"126.32 KBDownload8/14/2013
The Fatty Liver Epidemic: The Body's Response to 21st Century Living132.40 KBDownload6/24/2013
The Validation of Leaky Gut & It's Association with Other Chronic Health Conditions495.93 KBDownload5/6/2013
Improving The Health of Your Cell Membrane91.91 KBDownload1/24/2013
A Holistic View of Cardiovascular Disease Prevention241.52 KBDownload11/26/2012
The Cell Membrane - Doorway to Your DNA97.78 KBDownload11/19/2012
Cardiovascular Disease Prevention - A New Test for Blood Vessel Function133.69 KBDownload9/17/2012
You Are What You Think And Feel - Stress Reduction From The Heart122.66 KBDownload7/16/2012
Artificial Turf Fields: Not So Green and Not So Safe (Part 2)109.30 KBDownload5/25/2012
Artificial Turf Fields: Not So Green and Not So Safe (Part 1)964.66 KBDownload3/22/2012
Nutritional Evaluation: An Example of Functional Medicine Testing810.07 KBDownload2/8/2012
It Takes Two To Tango - The Vagina After Menopause85.07 KBDownload11/28/2011
Causes and Solutions vs. Diagnoses and Drugs: Using The Example of Alzheimer's Disease166.27 KBDownload9/6/2011
The Health Benefits Of An Alkaline Diet133.92 KBDownload8/2/2011
Epigenetics: Why We Need to Decrease Exposure and Increase Protection99.76 KBDownload5/12/2011
Epigenetics: The Science That Supports Healthy Lifestyles127.48 KBDownload4/4/2011
The Bugs You Put Inside You87.49 KBDownload1/19/2011
Your Immune System - And The Bugs That Live Inside You130.54 KBDownload12/15/2010
Obesity - And The Bugs That Live Inside You96.20 KBDownload9/23/2010
How Sweet It Is - Or Is It?90.62 KBDownload8/2/2010
Vitamin D: What's All The Buzz About83.81 KBDownload3/18/2010
Dietary Fats And Your Health - Part II117.03 KBDownload1/28/2010
Fixing The Broken Medical System93.44 KBDownload1/6/2010
Dietary Fats and Your Health - Part I112.54 KBDownload1/6/2010
Bone Health: Prevention of Osteoporosis (Part II)111.72 KBDownload9/14/2009
Bone Health: Prevention of Osteoporosis (Part I)143.36 KBDownload8/11/2009
Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy; Part II: The Risk/Benefit Analysis110.26 KBDownload5/8/2009
Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy; Part I: What Is It?176.89 KBDownload1/30/2009
Look Good, Feel Good: The Importance Of Body Composition394.45 KBDownload1/21/2009
Detoxification: The Solution To Your Resolution!141.11 KBDownload1/21/2009
Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Is Real Prevention Possible?164.41 KBDownload1/21/2009