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Has the current Medical System got you "boxed in"??? Are you unable to get:

  • time and attention given to your concerns?
  • a call back when you have a question?
  • anyone who will take you seriously?
  • recommendations for anything other than X-rays and pharmaceuticals
  • anybody who is interested in helping you prevent disease?

Unfortunately our current medical system is based on diagnosis and disease, not on health and prevention. Today's health professionals evaluate patients as if they were on an assembly line: assessment and recommendations are done very rapidly at different "stations" and, as one moves through the system, their individual parts are adjusted but never looked at as a whole. Medications for one condition are causing risks for another condition. A person will see several providers and still not have their real concern addressed.


Find a new model of health care. One that:

  • is patient-centered and holistic
  • uses progressive diagnostic tests and treatments
  • investigates the cause of symptoms; doesn’t just give pharmaceuticals
  • is concerned with balancing: hormones, emotions, nutritional needs, metabolic needs…
  • is structured to give time to adequately address the complexity of health issues
  • has a major focus on disease prevention and health promotion
  • cares about you as an individual!!!!

Dr Kate Thomsen believes in this new model of health care. She practices integrative medicine in Pennington, NJ. She has created a relaxed and comfortable health care setting that integrates conventional and complementary approaches. She sees the uniqueness in each of her patients and offers individualized assessments. An extensive medical history form is completed at home and reviewed prior to your visit so that your time together is efficiently spent. Each one hour consult includes an extensive discussion of your health concerns and a comprehensive physical exam. In addition to routine laboratory testing, innovative "functional medicine" testing is offered. This allows Dr. Kate to assess and treat stressed physiologic functions before they lead to overt disease. Your unique health care experience with Dr. Kate will provide you with practical and effective interventions to optimize your health.